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About Us
Who is Joseph Chow and what is Audio Horizons?

Who is Joseph Chow?

Joseph Chow is an audio engineer with over 25 years in audio. He began working at Kenwood in the FM tuner division and at Proton, where he worked with Larry Schotz on the Schotz tuner design used by Nakamichi in its high end tuners. Later, he was a designer and consultant for Soundstream Electronics and MIT cables.

Joseph Chow's engineering specialty is small signal processing. This specialty has led him to look deeply into circuit function, into the component parts and materials used in the circuit, and into the sonic goals to be achieved. By analyzing the sonic characteristics of material at every circuit stage, including the wiring and mechanical layout and construction, Joseph learned how to harmonize the inherent characteristics of materials used with the circuit design itself. Instead of conceiving of the circuit and the components and materials used as discrete, he realized the need for harmony between the materials used and their function within the overall design architecture. This specialized understanding has led to his achieve stunning S/N figures. It has also helped him achieve extremely high quality, musical sound at an affordable price.

What is Audio Horizons?

Joseph's understanding, rooted in practical experience and in his own engineering ability and design creativity, plus his extensive contacts in Asia, permits him to manufacture superb sounding components at reasonable costs. Desirous to prove that he could improve on the performance of high cost audio components at livable costs, Joseph's prototypes ultimately became Audio Horizons.

To it, Joseph has brought all his designing, prototyping and manufacturing skills to bear. The result has been a rapidly expanding line of superb audiophile components-a tube preamplifier, a tube DAC, a tube phono stage, a tube buffer stage, and a complete line of high quality audio cables. All Audio Horizons components are extremely low noise, low distortion, zero feedback designs that place great emphasis not only on reproducing sound but on enhancing the musical experience. For more information on Audio Horizons products, visit the components section of this website now.

In addition, as a dedicated audiophile with a special fondness for FM Tuners, Joseph Chow has used his understanding of small signal processing, his mastery of circuit design and the sonic characteristics of component parts and materials to upgrade classic older components, especially FM Tuners. These upgrades revitalize them, making many of them superior in performance to newer designs costing far more. To understand how and why an upgrade of an older component can produce impressive results and to learn more about upgrading your own components, view our upgrades page.