Most people know Joseph Chow as the Audio Engineer who worked in the Kenwood FM Tuner division, and later with Schotz at Proton, and as the designer of superb electronics, but few know that as recently as four years ago as an outside design consultant, Joseph's created interconnect cables were sold for as much as $2000 per pair by one of the best known high end cable manufacturers.

Now in order to maximize the performance of superb electronics Joseph has perfected a new interconnect geometry that in the slogan of Audio Horizons, delivers "Superior Performance. Clearly." These reasonably priced cables are among the cleanest, clearest, most transparent you've ever heard. We're so confident you'll agree that we offer a free home audition, freight prepaid. One customer after comparing Joseph's AC Power Cord to his $2000 Shunyata power cord remarked, "I think Joseph's might be better."


Audio Horizons Premium AC and Power Cables
Premium AC Cords
"Much to my surprise, they [the Transparency Power Cord] sounded every bit as good as the Shunyata Anaconda Alphas that I was using; so good in fact that I quickly sold the Alphas. The difference in cost is not insignificant--the Alpha is $2000."
- Gamecock
Audio Interconnector Cables and Speaker Cables
"I love the interconnects. . . .Your IC's [are] . . .world class in bass performance. I have listened to many cables in my system, some costing up to $1400 per meter, and the Series X [now Transparency] are the best in this regard. The instrument focus is most amazing. . . .The depth this cable brings to my music is something I have not yet experienced. Fantastic!"
- Grannyring
Audio Interconnector Cables and Speaker Cables
Speaker Cables
"Joseph's stunning Dimension speaker cable is a sensational bargain."
- Opuss88