Who and what is
Component Plus, USA?

Component Plus, USA (audiohorizons@yahoo.com) is a small electronics company that does and has done original electronic design for Wurlitzer and a number of other Asian and American companies. It provides a wide range of engineering services and products, from component upgrades, turnkey manufacturing and parts sourcing, to its own rapidly expanding line of superb audiophile components sold under Component Plus, USA’s Audio Horizons brand name. 

Component Plus, USA is owned and operated by Joseph Chow, an engineer with over 25 years in audio, who spent a decade working at Kenwood and Proton in Taiwan in the FM tuner division. At Proton Joseph worked for several years with Larry Schotz on the Schotz tuner design used by Nakamichi in its high-end tuners. Later, he was a designer and consultant for Sound stream Electronics and MIT cables. 

Joseph Chow’s engineering specialty has been small signal processing. This specialty has led him to look deeply not only into circuit function, but into the components and materials used in the circuit, and the sonic goals to be achieved.  By analyzing these, especially the inherent sonic characteristics of the materials and components at every stage of the circuit, including the wiring and mechanical construction, Joseph learned that it is extremely important to harmonize the inherent characteristics of materials used with the circuit design itself.  In other words, instead of conceiving of the circuit and the components and materials used in the design architecture as separate, he discovered that there must be a harmony between the materials used and their function within the overall design architecture. He struggles to discover how to achieve at an affordable price the highest quality sound possible. This audiophile interest not simply in engineering but in sonic performance has also led him to analyze the importance of matching the capacitance and Q of interconnects to the components themselves.

This understanding, rooted in his experience and in his own engineering excellence and design creativity, plus his extensive contacts in Asia, permits Joseph to produce turnkey manufacturing products of great excellence at a reasonable cost.  Moreover, as a consequence of Joseph’s manufacturing experience using Asian suppliers, he does and is able to do parts sourcing with unusual skill.

Joseph has brought all these skills to bear in designing, prototyping and outsourcing the manufacture of his superb and rapidly expanding line of Audio Horizons audiophile components.  To date there are two, with two more to be introduced shortly.  Available now are an extremely low noise, low distortion solid state DAC with or without line output balancing transformers.  Coming in the spring are an ultra low noise, low distortion tube preamplifier and a low noise, low distortion tube DAC.  These products all carry and are marketed under the Audio Horizons brand name.  For more information on Audio Horizons, visit the Audio Horizons section of this website now.

Dedicated audiophile that Joseph is, he is concerned always with the sound characteristics inherent in the components themselves and in the materials used.  This understanding of small signal processing, and his mastery of circuit design and the sonic characteristics of materials permits Joseph to upgrade classic older components in a way that revitalizes them, making many of them superior in performance to newer designs costing far more.   To understand how and why an upgrade of an older component can produce impressive results and to learn more about upgrading your own components, visit one or more of the following links to the upgrade section: FM Tuner Upgrades, Digital Player Upgrades, Preamplifier Upgrades, Amplifier Upgrades.