Component Plus

Audio Horizons:  Incredible quality tuners, tube amps, and rebuilds at extremely competitive prices.

Component Plus, A Center of Audio Excellence, is owned and operated by Joseph Chow, an Audio Engineer with over 25 years in audio spent designing tuners for Kenwood, Proton, and doing other audio engineering design work for Soundstream, MIT and others. Component Plus has one goal-enhancing our audio listening experience by judicious use of engineering refinements.

Because Joseph Chow is committed to preserving and by judicious upgrading, enhancing old classic audio components and to improving new ones by taking advantage of improved component parts and improved hardware and wire, Joseph Chow has developed a number of superb, low cost upgrades for quality used components. These upgrades radically improve the performance of these old and new components. Scroll down to the specific upgrade link you are interested in to learn more about these upgrades and what customers have to say about how they utterly transform their components.

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