Most audiophiles are aware of the well-known division among audiophile designers between those who prefer solid state designs and those who prefer tube designs, and between minimalist designers--those who seek to prune away all circuit complexity, who have as their ideal, "a straight line with gain" -and those wed to complex circuitry, who seek to overcome the inherent limitations of the materials used by elaborating circuits and feedback.

Audio Horizons has chosen a third way of design, one that weds the virtues of solid state components to those of tubes, one that is neither simple nor exotic, but classic: classic in the way it eliminates non functional features; classic in the way it prunes away excess circuitry; classic in its concern with harmonious circuit architecture; and classic in its obsession with a clean line-in this case, the clean transparent line the signal path makes from the power source though the various audio stages to the audio outputs.


TP 2.2
Stereo Preamplifier
"By far the most awesome dynamic headroom. The fastest preamp I've yet encountered. The most well-defined and detailed at both frequency extremes. . . . It is simply the most life-like and most musical preamp I've yet encountered."
-Stehno, a dealer in Oregon
TP 2.1 Stereo Preamplifier

TP 8.0 Tube Phono Preamplifier
TP 8.0
Tube Phono Preamplifier
"IMO, the [Audio Horizons TP] 8.0 [sMCpn] is the best phono stage that I have used and I have used a number of them from Audio Research [PH3], CJ [Conrad Johnson PV12], Mod Squad [phono drive], Curcio Sarah and [other fine phono stages]."

TD 3.0 Digital Analog Converter
TD 3.0
Digital Analog Converter
"I am going to keep this awesome [TD 3.0] DAC. . . . I traded in a $6000 CD Player, have better sound, and have money left for a lot of CD's."

TB 5.0n
Tube Buffer
"I was absolutely amazed at how much improvement the [TB 5.0n] tube buffer made. It completely transformed the dry, flat and nasal sounding AVP2 to a wonderfully musical, expressive, open, wide sound field with rich harmonic textures."