Audio Horizons’ Platinum Reference
More Than a Fuse
TP 2.1 Stereo Preamplifier

Audio Horizons’ Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse”

A fuse is so simple, it’s common to think, “How much difference can a fuse make?” Answer--a lot. So much, you can hear it by yourself for his Audio Horizons Platinum Reference More Than a Fuse. So big a difference, that Audio Horizons will pay the freight so you can audition this superb fuse over your own sound system.

What Makes the Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse" So Fine?
Without betraying proprietary information, let me note that the More Than a Fuse dramatically increases the impedance from 0.2 ohms to 10 ohms at 10 MHz, thus increasing high frequency noise-rejection fifty fold over that of a conventional fuse. As a result of this increased noise rejection, one can hear delicate extended high frequencies formerly swallowed up in noise.

And because the Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse” also reduces ultra high frequency noise by up to 46 dB or more, a ratio 200 times that of a typical fuse, high frequency harmonic texture is heard against a dead quiet background with a level of detail and refinement so sweet, delicate, and with such presence and immediacy—well, it will make you smile.

We could tell you this fuse is the truest, the purest, the most refined, natural, detailed, extended, airy and transparent fuse you’ve ever heard, and we believe we would not exaggerate, but with fuses, as with cables, the proof is in the listening.

Please visit our Feedback Link to read what owners of the Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse” have to say about their impressions of how big a difference the Platinum Reference fuse makes in their sound systems.
Finally, before we discuss our Free Audition Program, let me quote what reviewer Jerry Seigel said in closing in his Feb. 01, 2014 10Audio review of the Platinum Reference fuse:

“At $117 each, these fuses are not only cost-effective, they are a bargain. A similar upgrade in the performance level of a preamplifier, for example, would cost several thousand dollars. Come ON, from a FUSE?!”

Free Home Audition

We are so persuaded that you will be positively excited by the dramatic improvement the Audio Horizons Platinum Reference More Than a Fuse will make in your sound system, that for qualified customers we will prepay the audition freight to you. To qualify, one must have an Audiogon score of 30. Others in Conus can purchase the fuse on 15 days audition time money back guarantee.

Current Rating and Fuse Sizes

Fuses are available in 0.25A through 15 Amperes, size are in 32 mm and 20 mm lengths at $118 each and 6A or more price at $138 each.