Premium AC Cords

"Much to my surprise, they [the Transparency Power Cord] sounded every bit as good as the Shunyata Anaconda Alphas that I was using; so good in fact that I quickly sold the Alphas. The difference in cost is not insignificant--the Alpha is $2000."
- Gamecock
Audio Horizons Premium AC and Power Cables

Most people know Joseph Chow as the Audio Engineer who worked in the Kenwood FM Tuner division, and later with Schotz at Proton, and as the designer of superb electronics—a solid state DAC, a tube preamplifier, and a tube DAC all marketed under his Audio Horizons brand name, but few know that as recently as three years ago as an outside design consultant, Joseph’s created interconnect cables were sold for as much as $2000 per pair by one of the best known high end cable manufacturers.

Now in order to maximize the performance of superb electronics Joseph has perfected a line of new AC Power Cords designed to insure that your component receives all the clean, low noise power it requires. In the slogan of Audio Horizons, they deliver “Superior Performance. Clearly.” These are among the cleanest, clearest, most transparent AC Power Cords you’ve ever heard. One customer after comparing Joseph’s Premium AC Power Cord to his $2000 Shunyata power cord remarked, “I think Joseph’s might be better.” See his words of praise below.  And this isn’t even Joseph’s top of the line AC Power Cord.  That is the Transparency Power cord.

We’re so confident you’ll agree that we offer a free home audition, freight prepaid. And because Joseph is selling the power cords factory direct instead of through dealers, he is able to avoid the five times mark up required to sell through a dealer network. Thus the Premium AC Power Cord is available not at $800 but at $195; and the Transparency Power Cord costs only $250 instead of a $1000.

Audio Horizons Harmony and
Transparency AC Power Cords

As you are aware, the AC power cord supplied by the manufacturer is usually nothing more than fancy 18 awg stranded copper wire. Higher end manufacturers might supply you 16 awg stranded copy wire. It is increasingly recognized that upgrading the power cord is the only way to insure that your component receives the adequate supply of clean quiet power it needs to operate at its full potential. Many know that this is true of components which require a lot of power, like amplifiers, but few realize this is as true of your preamplifier and even of your CDP, DAC, and FM Tuner. Without an adequate supply of clean, wuiet power, the sound will emerge as thin, pinched and edgy. Only when one has a properly designed AC Power cord will the component deliver a spacious, full-bodied sound, one with a controlled low end and spacious high end.

Most of us are now persuaded that upgraded interconnects and speaker cable do make a significant sonic difference, but many are still slow to realize the benefits of superior power cords, and this is because there are so many expensive, even very expensive power cords that do not make a dramatic sonic difference. We believe that the Audio Horizons Premium AC Power Cord  or the Transparency AC Power Cord will make a believer out of you—the improvement is that dramatic.

As with Audio Horizons interconnects and speaker cable, we invite you to compare the Harmony AC Power Cord or the Transparency AC Power cord with power cords costing many times more. We think we will not only hold our own quite nicely, we think we will outperform a great many of them.

Audio Horizons Harmony AC Power Cord  and Transparency AC Power Cord maintain the same classic geometry that characterizes their interconnects and speaker cable and that is so indispensable to the production of harmonics. Here too, as well as in interconnects, proper cable design diminish the listener’s subjective sense of sonic deprivation caused by poorer second order harmonics. The key is maintaining classic balance. Failure to ensure proper geometrical balance in the cable design alters the harmonic balance of the music. By maintaining a classic, balanced geometry, one that uses the wire’s Q in the design architecture, and by selecting the best dielectric—one neither too positive or negative—the overall balance of the cable makes the system more resistant to spurious material-generated harmonics. These harmonics mask the second order harmonics of the music we wish to reproduce.

Imagine the current flowing through the AC Cord as a tightrope walker walking across a high wire. Imagine that ComponentPlus’ balanced geometry and matching Q act as a balancing pole the tightrope walker can use to preserve his balance as he travels along the high wire. Because the pole is so long, even the smallest deviations from perfect balance are magnified, permitting the high wire walker to compensate before the imbalance begins to create destabilizing motional gyrations. In your sound system, the equivalent of these gyrations is masking noise.

As a consequence of its classic, balanced architecture, the first thing that strikes one after listening to an ComponentPlus accessory Power Cord as with any of its accessories is how quiet the signal suddenly sounds; then because of the lowered noise floor, one realizes that one has improved microdetail retrieval so that one can hear the reedy harmonic overtones of a saxophone more clearly than one has before, and string bass now really sounds like a resiny string bass.

The sonic improvement we describe when using Audio Horizons power cords and accessory cables will occur with any component.

Words of Praise
Gamecock writes: "I have had a chance now to get a real handle on the Premium Power cords and interconnects. Let me come right to the point, both products are outstanding. As you know, my first experience with Joseph's cables was the Premium AC Power Cord. I had purchased one as part of the upgrade package for my vintage Kenwood L-01T tuner. I thought that both the upgraded tuner itself and the power cord were outstanding sonically. I decided to order a pair for my Pass Labs XA-160 power amps. Much to my surprise, they sounded every bit as good as the Shunyata Anaconda Alphas that I was using; so good in fact that I quickly sold the Alphas. The difference in cost is not insignificant- the Alpha is $2000 versus $195 for the PremiumAC Power Cord. I truly believe that in this age of over-hyped cable claims, that the premium power cord represents a true bargain. It offers superior performance at a real world price."

Cedar writes: "After 20 hours, the improvement was so pleasing I bought more of the power cords for my other components (transport, DAC, line preamp, phono preamp). The improvements spanned the entire audio frequency range: tighter, more controlled, and punchier bass; detailed, clear and delicate mid/hi frequencies.
The construction quality of the these power cords is impressive, too."

Drt adds: "I was amazed at the improvement to the Mark Levinson ML380S after I put in your right angle power cord. The sound opened up and seem to become smoother and more refined. Bass became tighter and more punchy. The power cord certainly enhanced the positive effects of the [ComponentPlus] preamp upgrades."

Grannyring asked to audition our interconnects under the free home audtion program. Here's what he wrote back: "I love the interconnects. Thus far my listening has revealed your IC's to be world class in bass performance. I have listened to many cables in my system, some costing up to $1400 per meter, and the Series X are the best in this regard.

The instrument focus is most amazing. The stage clearly delineates each instrument in front of me. The depth this cable brings to my music is something I have not yet experienced. Fantastic!"

Grannyring ended up ordering a second pair, and has recently upgrade his primary IC, the one between his preamp and amp to Transparency IC’s .

How Do We Get the Word Out?
Joseph has a problem: Given that cables are among the most over-hyped area of the high end industry, how is he going to persuade you that these Power Cords really are superb, everything you have a right to expect in the most expensive Power Cord—they’re clean and quiet, with excellent extension at both ends, a controlled, impactful bass, and solid notes with soft edges?

His solution: Offer anyone interested in auditioning these AC Power Cords over their own sound system, a free audition. He’ll even pay the freight to you. Please read on to learn more about  Audio Horizons Premium AC Power Cords and how to qualify for a free home audition.

Audio Horizons Harmony and Transparency AC Power Cords.
These 2 meter, 14 AWG, low noise, rapid transfer, high Q power cords are comprised of three independently and individually shielded wires to reduce EMI or RFI noise and to enhance the purity of the power transfer. The very best dielectrics—air and Teflon—are used to insure the absolutely lowest transfer losses and in order to insure the quietest power transfer noise. The Transparency adds an additional layer of insulation to provided even better dielectric and higher capacitance. The 14 AWG wire is designed to handle 1000 watts RMS, two to ten times the power load they will see. The wire’s capacitance has been matched to achieve the highest Q, and to maximize the superior dielectric of air and Teflon. Only Wattgate plugs are used utilizing a 3 point mounting system to provide a more secure and durable connection between the wires and the plug. Gold plated plug blades will not tarnish and insure excellent long term conductivity. Finally, the conductive wire is surrounded by an insulated filler to enhance quietness during peak power demands. The result of this thoughtful design are AC cords that will yield excellent tonal balance and sonic coherence. The signal yielded by the component is much more controlled and will show up as tighter, more impactful bass, a more relaxed midrange, and in reduced high frequency noise from the AC power source or a nearby appliance or computer. Audio Horizons Power Cords are guaranteed for 1 year.